Chantel Garrett

Founding Director, Partners for StrongMinds

Chantel Garrett is Founding Director of Partners for StrongMinds, focused on accelerating early detection, treatment and understanding of psychosis, so that more young people get the right kind of help when it matters most.

She brings fifteen years as a marketer in the for-profit sector, where she held leadership roles in multinational financial institutions. Inspired by her brother’s experience living with schizophrenia, Chantel is translating her business background into advocacy efforts for radical change in the quality, delivery, and social embrace of mental healthcare.

Chantel extends her passion for prevention and wellness by teaching yoga and mindfulness in under-served communities, and serving on the board of children’s mental health nonprofit The Flawless Foundation.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two daughters, a cat with 22 lives, and five chickens, and can be found on Twitter @Chantel.