Charles D. Ellison

Philadelphia Tribune, SiriusXM, UPTOWN Magazine

CHARLES D. ELLISON is a widely respected political analyst and strategist with nearly two decades of applied expertise in the arena of politics, public policy, campaigns, elections and social media. He is Washington Correspondent for The Philadelphia Tribune, Politics Contributor for UPTOWN Magazine and host of "Showdown 2012" on SiriusXM 124 every Thursday 7-9pm ET.

Ellison has also provided advisement to senior ranking elected officials and state, local and federal candidates over the years. He is author of the critically-acclaimed urban political thriller “TANTRUM” and is frequently featured as a political analyst on Sirius/XM satellite radio and a variety of other outlets including weekly appearances on WVON-AM (Chicago), KSRO-AM (California), WDAS-FM (Philadelphia) and WURD-AM (Philadelphia).

A former Congressional staffer and speech writer, Ellison’s thoughtful and original insight into the world of politics is sought after by many major national and international media outlets. He is a member of the Signature Media Speakers Bureau in Chicago and was a Visiting Fellow at the George Washington University Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet and Senior Fellow at the University of Denver’s Center for New Politics and Policy. A noted expert and online content executive, Ellison is a recipient of the Washington, D.C. Top 40 Under 40 Award and his likeness was featured as part of an exclusive portrait series created by world-renowned artist Lisa Jones.

Ellison is noted for his superior knowledge of: campaigns and elections in the 21st century; Congress; Presidential elections; the use of social media and online tools in politics and public policy; African American political development; foreign policy; military affairs and cyber security policy.

Philly-bred and Southern California-born, Charles is an avid listener of underground hip-hop, dub, reggae and jazz music. When he’s not studying Aikido, running or staying up late at night watching hours of anime or consuming science fiction, he spends time as a devoted father and husband with his family in the Washington, D.C.-metropolitan area.

To schedule Ellison for a speaking engagement, lecture or public appearance, contact Signature Media Group at 312.226.5552. More information and archives of his work can be found at Or: he can be reached by Twitter @charlesdellison.