Charles Knight

writer, activist, lover of family, friends and music

Charles Knight is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy’s Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) which he co-founded in 1991. His focus has been on the theory and practice of how nations can provide security without militarizing their foreign policy and how they can reduce international tensions and conflict potential by transparent emphasis on defensive military capabilities. Recently he has turned more of his attention to issues of gender, in particular how conventional masculine performances of domination and violence are reproduced at home, in the neighborhood and at school. He is an advocate for ‘liberating’ masculinities and for gender equality. He is a founding associate of the Center for Men and Masculinities and a member of the national advisory committee of Voice Male magazine and the North American Men Engage Network. He also writes about building an effective left wing. He blogs at Out of the Box ( and curates the Out of the Man Box magazine on FlipBoard (