Charles Perez

Journalist, ABC News Anchor and former talk show host based in Miami

Charles Perez is an Emmy Award winning journalist and former talk show host based in Miami. He recently was fired from his position as the main evening anchor at the ABC station in Miami, WPLG, days after filing an employment discrimination complaint against his employer. The firing caps off a career as an on-camera reporter and anchor that included New York’s WABC, Miami’s Fox station WSVN, and KCAL in Los Angeles.

While at WPLG, Perez produced a 1 hour special Assignment Venezuela which included his one-on-one with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In addition, he has interviewed newsmakers from presidents to Haitian boaters, running for dry land.

As a reporter, he was there the night of 9-11, on the terrorist trail in Hollywood Florida, looking for the last places from which Mohammed Atta and his accomplices planned their attacks. As an anchor, he has always driven the newscast toward accuracy, accountability, and getting the full story.

Prior to being in the news business, Perez was co-host of King World’s nationally syndicated television newsmagazine American Journal, where he covered the death of Princess Diana, the Monica Lewinski scandal and the Jean Benet Ramsey Case.

Perez came to television as a producer, and soon landed his own syndicated talk show, The Charles Perez Show (1994-’96). His aim was to cover the issues of the day in a way that would interest young Americans.

Today Perez continues to cover the issues of the day as a writer.

He is a Peruvian American and a graduate of Florida State University.