Charlotte Florance

Charlotte Florance is a writer and policy advisor based in Amman, Jordan. She focuses on entrepreneurship, free markets, and global challenges around the world.

Charlotte Florance is a writer and policy advisor based in Amman, Jordan. She is the founder of SIKU style, an online lifestyle and content platform focused on people, places and products found in global emerging markets. In addition to SIKU style she works with a variety of retailers and news organizations to help create and curate beautiful stories and content to highlight the work of entrepreneurs, the role of markets, and global challenges around the world. She is a contributor to the Heritage Foundation's news service, The Daily Signal, the Editorial Director for To The Market, an online retailer specializing in survivor made artisan products, and a blogger for The Huffington Post.

Before moving to the Middle East, she was the Africa and Middle East Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. While at Heritage, she helped promote the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal’s Index of Economic Freedom, traveling to Africa and the Middle East to meet with global leaders, civil society organizations, and public policymakers to discuss entrepreneurship, trade and investment, and economic policies. She has spoken at numerous global conferences about women’s economic empowerment, African trade, and public-private partnerships.

Charlotte has lived and worked in Kenya on an initiative supporting women’s entrepreneurship, as well as worked with non-profits and social enterprises in Africa and the Middle East including St. Joseph Shelter of Hope, Global Girls, Refugee Open Ware and Indego Africa. In 2012, served in the Romney Presidential Transition Office and was a Research Fellow responsible for foreign policy issues on the Federal Financial Management Subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Conflict, Security and Development from the War Studies Department at King’s College London, graduating with the highest distinction. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a concentration in International Security from the University of Southern California.

A native of Newport Beach, California, Florance currently resides in Amman, Jordan with her fiance, Ramsey Day and her cat, Mozi.