Cheryl Anne Kraus

A mother, attorney, educator, social justice advocate, health policy analyst, and political junkie writing about whatever the hell I want. "Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."

Cheryl Anne is an attorney and founding partner of a New York law firm. As an advocate and educator, she works at the intersection of healthcare, health law, and policy. She is a freelance writer at HuffPost and ELIFE Magazine, and is the founder, social media manager, and blogger-in-chief at Mommy Drinks Wine and Swears. A former public affairs professional (that's a nice way to say "lobbyist") she represents not-for-profit organizations, most recently focusing on the development of large donor cultivation. A proud mom to a toddler and tween, she requires an obscene amount of caffeine to get through most days. She is a social justice advocate, and giver of unsolicited opinions and political commentary. She uses gifts of sarcasm and persuasion to communicate. She fights to the finish and doesn't play well with egomaniacs, narcissists, misogynists, or bigots - they should keep a safe distance. Cheryl Anne is raising her family in Upstate New York.