Chip Berlet

Researcher and author covering civil rights and civil liberties

For over 40 years Chip Berlet has written about civil liberties, social justice, right-wing groups, prejudice, political repression, systems of oppression, and scapegoating. From 1981 to 2011 he was senior analyst at Berlet is co–author of <em>Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfor</em>t (Guilford, 2000) and editor of <em>Eyes Right! Challenging the Right Wing Backlash </em>(South End Press, 1995), both of which received a Gustavus Myers Center Award for outstanding scholarship on human rights and bigotry in North America. <br /> <br /> Berlet’s byline has appeared in publications ranging from the <em>New York Times </em>and <em>Boston Globe </em>to the <em>Progressive</em> and <em>Amnesty Now</em>. He has appeared on ABC Nightline, the NBC Today Show, NPR’s All things Considered, Democracy Now, and many other radio and television programs.<br /> <br /> His essays here on Huffington Post are his own views of any organization. <br /> <br /> For more biographical information and cites to selected published material, go <a href="">here</a>.