Chris Chmielewski

Owner/Editor/Creator of Foster Focus

Chris Chmielewski, Owner/Editor/Creator of Foster Focus Magazine has changed the way foster care in America is covered. Chris' foster care journey began at the age of 14 when he found himself under the care of the state. He was a skinny, happy-go-lucky, poor kid from the "Coal Region" of Pennsylvania. After a few moves and school changes he adapted to a life with his foster parents, Richard & Maxine Black in Central Pennsylvania. While in care he discovered a love of journalism, working for both the community and school newspapers in addition to working at an after school job that would last well into the morning hours, while still in high school. Just a few weeks before graduation Chris aged out of foster care. He was expelled from school due to lack of a proof of address in the school district. Through the aid of his best friend’s family, he received his GED and college admission only days after being expelled. Throughout his time in college Chris played basketball and studied Communications while working for small publications and ad agencies. Ultimately Chris would leave college to work full time and begin a family of his own. But he left college with an idea. After leaving care, Chris found himself at a loss for information on foster care and it's after effects. After some research he came to the conclusion that a monthly magazine devoted to foster care was needed. He spent the next eight years striving to make that idea into a reality. In 2011 Chris was a top salesman, father of 3, husband of 8 years and confident enough to be able to handle the task. He seized the moment and launched Foster Focus in May of 2011. Through hard work he has positioned the magazine as a top resource for foster care news and information in America. He currently handles all aspects of the magazine while traveling the country covering stories, attending conferences and events in support of the magazine.

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