Chris Hadsall


A 10-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Hadsall served as an operations expert for the majority of that time. Hadsall’s last military position was as the Intelligence officer during workup and deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Hadsall was responsible for the training development, coordination, logistical support, safety, and supervision of operations for roughly 1000 Marines and Sailors for a Marine Combat Unit. Hadsall has also held supervisory positions in San Diego, CA, Cleveland, OH and Washington, D.C.

Hadsall received numerous commendations and awards for outstanding performance during his government career, including three Marine Corps leadership awards. He had an extremely promising career until it was cut short by a suicide car bomb in the Al-Anbar Province of Iraq. As a result of his injuries Hadsall has a passion for disabled veterans and helped found “VET Foundation” a benevolent organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of disabled veterans. In the spirit of giving back to the community Hadsall sits on several boards of benevolent organizations and belongs to several veterans’ service organizations.

Hadsall recently took over as Executive Director of the VET Foundation.

Hadsall holds a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies from Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa and earned a M.B.A. Certificate from Freeman School of Business, Tulane University. He currently resides in Bailey, Colorado with his two children.

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