Christi Ham

Chairwoman, Military Families for High Standards

Christi Ham is the chairwoman of Military Families for High Standards. She is a lifelong educator by trade and by passion. She has taught at the middle and high school levels and served administratively at the elementary and pre-school levels. Understanding the importance of good writing skills for college and career preparedness, she developed a curriculum that prioritized it in each classroom subject. She also established a developmental studies program for supporting college-bound students with learning disabilities. Christi has been a military spouse for nearly four decades. As the wife of retired four-star General Carter Ham, she used her time moving around the nation and the world to offer her expertise to solve community issues and educational challenges, serving on numerous volunteer committees, boards and advisory panels. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Christi graduated from John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio. She currently resides with her husband, in Arlington, Virginia.