Christin Evans

Owner, Booksmith

Christin Evans and her husband-partner Praveen Madan are not foolhardy. Although you might suspect they are after you learn what they did in 2007. They bought an independent bookstore!

A joke among industry insiders is "what a tremendous relief it would be if the book industry & publishing houses just updated their business practices to the 20th century, never mind the 21st." But with internet sales taking an increasing share of the book market, it's been difficult enough for large chains to compete let alone a small little bookstore in San Francisco. But armed with their MBAs and years of experience as management consultants, that's exactly what the duo has set out to do – turn the book industry on its ear!

Christin started her early years in a serious progression of corporate positions at J.P. Morgan, Towers Perrin, Dell Computer and A.T. Kearney. She attended Vassar College and obtained her MBA from the University of Michigan. She has been appropriately conveyed the status: "refugee of the land of corporations" by her bookstore staff. And, she is thrilled that her commute to work is now a 2-block walk and her primary gripe about work is now that there are just too many good books to read.