Christina Craemer

Interior designer

Christina Craemer is much more than a talented Interior Designer. With knowledge and experience spanning Architecture, Structural Engineering and Interior Design, Craemer and her team at ARC54 Design bring a deep practical understanding and fluent skill set to their projects few in their industry possess. Their holistic approach to the entire design process is uniquely innovative and is setting a future standard for the industry.
Whether Christina is working with her own clients, or on collaborative projects with James Magni, she applies the same thoughtful approach. She begins by looking from the inside out and then begins again from the outside in. On the inside, she gains an understanding of the client’s needs, goals, and expectations for the final project. On the outside, she assesses the possibilities of the structure, architectural design, and the surrounding environment. Since no space functions independently of its surroundings, each design solution is developed especially for the site, as well as, the people who will live in the space.

Christina envisions a new model of building and creating design for a new century, one in which she is able to integrate the disciplines of architecture and engineering into all work. Having the ability to create with a true three-dimensional sense of the design, makes all things possible. In 2001, she founded ARC54 to pioneer this vision. She sees each project as a circle, each step in the process as an arc along that circle, and each completed circle as an integral part of the world around it. The circle is made up of architecture, engineering and interiors, as well as energy conservation, green construction and sustainability. Each arc propels invention, responsibility and respect for the client, the arts, and the earth. Christina and her team know that to be a genuine green designer one must conserve all resources on a project, and this starts with the design process itself.

Christina attended the prestigious Drexel University where she earned two Engineering degrees, one in Architectural Engineering and the other in Civil Engineering, with a focus on structural design. At U.C.L.A. she furthered her studies in Architecture and obtained her degree in Interior Design. Christina has extensive experience working with, and consulting for, both structural engineering and architectural firms nationwide. She applied all of this experience by doing both the design work and general contracting on all her early projects. The results were extraordinary as she saw first-hand, the integrated and seamless final product fully realized which fit the model she had dreamed of. Christina and the team at ARC54 continue to pioneer this future of design, always employing their distinctive approach to the process which consistently reveals stunning results—much to the delight of their valued clients.