Christina Gagnier

Entrepreneur. Tech Lawyer. Partner @gamallp. Teaching @UCILaw. Board @WithoutConsent.

Christina Gagnier is an intellectual property attorney and partner at Gagnier Margossian LLP. A proud Californian, she began her interest in technology and politics while working on initiative campaigns and coordinating voter turnout in California for causes relating to education. Gagnier also operates as CEO of TRAIL, an education technology company dedicated to bringing people their first experience with the Internet.

Previously, Gagnier served as the Chief Information Officer of, a non-partisan Millennial civic engagement organization, working on the organization’s Democracy 2.0 initiative, managing its online interface and research programs. Gagnier was one of eight members of the National Conference on Citizenship’s 2008 Civic Health Index Millennial Working Group.

A researcher and information broker at heart, Gagnier focuses on the intersection of on and offline action, specializing in cyberspace law, telecommunications, transparency and privacy. From 2006-2008, Gagnier engaged in research for Lawrence Lessig at Stanford Law School, working on Code 2.0 and Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. In Fall 2008, Gagnier’s Democracy 2.0: Millennial-Generated Change to American Governance was featured in the National Civic Review.

Although she will always consider herself an Anteater first (UC Irvine ’04), Gagnier is also an alumna of USC (M.P.A. ’07) and the University of San Francisco (J.D. ’08). When not attached to her iPhone, she enjoys Los Angeles, college basketball, western films and being a tech and policy geek.

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