Christina Larmer

Journalist, crime writer (The Agatha Christie Book Club, Ghostwriter Mystery series), feminist, news junkie, Cluedo champ, mum

Ever since reading The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy (The Three Investigators; 1973), Christina has been hooked on mystery, mayhem and books. Born in tropical Papua New Guinea, she began her career as a journalist on Australia’s leading lifestyle magazine, Cleo, then moved into editing teen, entertainment and women’s titles, before running publishing bureaus in New York and Los Angeles. Now settled in Northern NSW, Australia, Christina works partly as a freelance journalist (health, home and parenting) and partly as a self-published author. She now has nine books under her belt including the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club, the popular Ghostwriter Mystery Series and a non-fiction book about Papua New Guinea. When she’s not penning articles or plotting her next murder, she can be found wrangling wayward snakes on her hinterland property or immersed in a classic whodunnit.