Christine Eads

Co-host, SiriusXM's <em>Broadminded</em>

Balancing her life between raising her son and being the co-host of SiriusXM Radio’s Broadminded, Christine Eads is intimately familiar with the joys and struggles of being a single, working mom. Her appeal and the connection she has with her loyal audience is due to her endearing, approachable style and never taking herself too seriously.

Tired of the clichéd format of a male host and his female sidekick, she conceived and pitched Broadminded, a show created by and hosted by women, for women (and men!). "The Broads" discuss a wide range of topics from dating to pop-culture, to life in general. Broadminded debuted on XM Radio in October 2005. Its audience has grown consistently and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Although Broadminded is a show for everyone, more often than not, their segments revolve around women’s issues and how to overcome obstacles and being able to achieve one’s goals. Leading by example, Christine is proving that a woman, who is also a single mother, can not only create her own career, but can also be extremely successful at it.

In 2008, Christine created and founded The Duffy House, a non-profit safe house for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. The mission of The Duffy House is to provide a compassionate safe haven that encourages security, personal growth, happiness, and independence for women and their children who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Christine was born and raised in Spring Hill, Kansas, and later earned her BFA at George Mason University. She currently resides in Virginia with her son Aidan.