Christopher Caen


Born in the back room in one of the many tenement
buildings in Pacific Heights, Christopher has always
been of two minds about San Francisco. Although he
works hard to maintain his street cred, he also is not
above hanging with the upper crust, who tend to have
better cocktail parties and free parking. He attended
college at Stanford University where his creative
writing teachers considered his writing the worst kind
of sensationalism, leading to the inevitable
unpublished first novel. His newspaper father was not
amused. The San Francisco Newspaper Company finally
made his sordid dreams a reality in 2004 with the
launch of his columns in the San Francisco Examiner
and the San Francisco Independent. As of yet, the
earth has not tilted off its axis and western
civilization seems safe for now. Then again, Rome
burned in one night. Christopher now works for
Theory Associates, a branding agency in San Francisco.