Christopher Cuevas

Executive Director, QLatinx

Pronouns: They/Them/Ellx Christopher is one of the co-founders and Executive Director of QLatinx, a grassroots racial, gender, and social justice organization based in Central Florida. Founded in response to the mass shooting and act of hate that occurred on June 12th at Pulse nightclub, during the LGBTQ establishment’s Latinx-themed night, that robbed the community of 49 lives and left many more physically and psychologically wounded. QLatinx brought together members of the local community directly impacted by this tragedy to empower the most marginalized members of their community, establish affirming and supportive healing spaces, build a strong and united community, work towards a society free of fear, violence, and hate, build a supportive infrastructure, address inequity, and promote inclusionary practices for local leadership and partnering agencies. A lifelong peace practitioner, educator, and community organizer, Christopher has a long history of advocating for LGBTQ+, farmworker, and racial justice movements, each deeply interconnected to their own lived experience as a child of immigrants and queer person of color. Through their work with various community initiatives and organizations, Christopher has led community conversations on and facilitated community education campaigns specifically addressing structural racism, health equity, and LGBTQ+ issues. As the Executive Director of QLatinx, Christopher Cuevas provides vision, energy, and leadership in the fulfillment of the mission and vision of the organization, working to advance the visibility of and empower the local LGBTQ+ Latinx community and create spaces that foster growth and healing.