Christopher Hytry Derrington

CEO, HYDER Industries; CEO and Co-founder, Rural America Onshore Outsourcing

I am a serial entrepreneur. It's in my blood.

I love solving the complex problems of how to take a new technology to market; building the team, investing seed capital, arranging the angel funding, and setting up the new entity for rapid growth. Fun Stuff!

I'm focused on bringing jobs back to USA. My home base endeavor is HYDER Industries. – a technology acquisition company with a portfolio of technology companies that includes Rural America OnShore Outsourcing, Sitepro, award-winning Sitepro Video, and Brand My Message. Constantly seeking new acquisitions.

I have served as CEO or interim CEO in 14 companies over the past 20 years. I have founded and led both start-ups and well established companies such as Alta Financial Technologies, IsoTruss Composite Manufacturing, Wind Tower Composites, Safari Beach Software, and Terra Aerospace. The common theme of my endeavors has been to create shareholder value, ranging from start-ups created to address market opportunities, to providing interim leadership to companies on the edge of insolvency seeking to find a way out, to advising well established enterprises in need of fresh perspective.

Current nonprofit endeavors include the National Rural America Jobs Creation Plan and, a technology association along Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan coast. I frequently write for national media such as the Huffington Post.

Formal education was at Missouri University of Science and Technology where I earned a BS in Engineering Management-Aerospace Engineering. MBA from Entrepreneur School of Hard Knocks.