Christopher LaTondresse

Advisor, USAID's Center For Faith Based and Community Initiatives; Founder, <a href="" target="_hplink">Recovering Evangelical</a>

Chris LaTondresse (twitter: @latondresse) is the founder of Recovering Evangelical, an online movement of next-generation Christians. He also serves as an Advisor at USAID's Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives.

Raised in the former Soviet Union as the son of American missionary parents, LaTondresse spent his young-adult years serving at summer bible camps, suburban mega-churches and working in politics for a Democratic Member of Congress and for the Republican Governor of Minnesota. These experiences provided him with a global outlook matched with a commitment to the idea that God is not a Republican or a Democrat.

Before launching Recovering Evangelical, LaTondresse served as the Special Assistant to Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners Magazine, followed by a tenure as the U.S. Director of Questscope, a Middle East NGO pioneering education reform and youth empowerment strategies across the Arab world.