Christopher Webb

Founder of ChowNow, a tech lab for restaurants

Once a trader at RBC and Lehman Brothers, Christopher Webb is now the CEO of tech start-up ChowNow. After ten years on Wall Street, Webb moved back to his hometown of Venice, California filled with one singular vision: he wanted to build an online ordering system for the social and mobile era. As a founding investor of the popular LA-based restaurant chain Tender Greens, Webb saw first hand the opportunity in the online ordering niche.

Before investing his savings account and every waking hour on the idea, Webb and co-founder Eric Jaffe tested the market with fictionalized business cards and collateral. The market responded promptly and powerfully, echoing what Webb knew all along: restaurant owners want user-friendly online ordering tools that make their lives easier.

Webb now has multiple patents pending, having concepted the online ordering platform that became ChowNow. Since its inception, ChowNow has evolved from Webb’s singular vision to a tech lab that builds innovative products for restaurants with clients across the United States. When he’s not on the quest for LA’s best espresso, he’s battling it out on the Venice Beach paddle tennis courts or discovering new modes of public transportation in Los Angeles.