Chuck Lasker

Science advocate. Marketing consultant, public speaker, trainer, writer, married father of two adult sons, and social media fanatic.

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Chuck grew up in Long Island, New York, but has lived in Central Indiana since 1985. Married over 27 years, two adult sons, Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering, and a 27 year Republican who quit the party after the 2008 elections. Chuck enjoys political blogging, writing, and visiting Kauai, Hawaii. Chuck's varied career history includes engineering, sales, VP of Marketing & Operations, Internet & marketing consulting, and writing.

Chuck has been featured in the media, including the New York Times, Japan's NHK news channel, XM Radio POTUS and most Indy channels, as an active Republican for Obama, creating an interesting debate online and in the press.

More info about Chuck can be found at his personal site, at his LinkedIn profile and his Kauai Social Media Agency site.