Ciara Gogan

Empowerment Specialist and Impact Coach

Ciara Gogan is a Self-Empowerment Specialist & Certified Master Life Coach who believes that we all should be confident, empowered people who believe in themselves. Her mission is to shine a light on what you have to offer, to inspire you to see and embrace your magnificent self! The people she works with: • Learn what their strengths are. • (Re)gain confidence. • Slay their fears. • Make meaningful change. Just think what you could accomplish, and what your life would look like, if you truly understood your Superpowers (your unique talents & gifts), and what you bring to the world! Don't you want to know how incredible you really are? Ciara has lived on 3 continents – grew up in Ireland, spent a year in Australia in the 80’s, and moved to the US 20+ years ago – and currently lives just south of Boston with her fabulous wife of 8 years, Deb. To learn more about Ciara, check out