Claire Alkouatli

Muslim educator and editor

Claire Alkouatli a writer, editor, and educator based in Beirut, Lebanon. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Learning, Development and Culture at the University of British Columbia with a research focus on Islamic education in plural cultural contexts. Along with academic publications, Claire is a prolific general-interest writer. She publishes primarily on the Huffington Post, interested in the intersections between cultures and perspectives. After many travels through Asia, and living for several years in Saudi Arabia, she is currently working on a book reflecting her journey into the Islamic faith, entitled, Caravan of Strangers. She also wrote a chapter in an anthology called, Bare Your Soul: The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Enlightenment, and a book introducing Islam to a non-Muslim audience (Islam, Benchmark Books, 2006). Writing links to her current academic interests in terms of the developmental connections between speaking, thinking, and writing. She is passionate about the idea that cognitive and social-emotional development can be both enhanced and evidenced through writing. Further, writing helps us understand diverse others. She is equally passionate about Islam and correcting misconceptions through writing. Please see her digital teaching philosophy here.