Clare Munn

Co-Founder @ Boxspring Entertainment

CEO and Co-Founder of Boxspring Entertainment, a media company focused on disrupting the global training industry. A media entrepreneur, from both the technology, and content industries, Munn is also an exec prod of a 3 Emmy award winner & an Oscar Nominated film and has combined these worlds to form a model for engagement. Global expertise includes film making, mobile technology, global digital branding, disruptive technologies and models.

Creating content & brands has been part of Munn's entire life. From a large publishing family, Munn was around creative story telling and content since day one. Created a children’s animated TV, film and video game series & licensed it to Paramount Interactive in the 90's, soon after moving into the world of entertaining impactful content creation & development online. As an executive and co-founder of new businesses, Munn’s strategies were instrumental in raising over $25 million for Playback Media and Employment Law Training Inc., the first multidimensional, online site providing drama styled scenarios to educate and certify managers and employees compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Both companies since sold) 2004 Founder & former CEO of (The Communication Group), an award-winning digital advertising, social impact and social media agency - one of the first 50 companies in San Francisco to be green certified -- clients include eBay, AMD, Cisco, Hitachi, Maxtor, McKesson, Danskin, 2(X)IST, Oppenheimer Funds, Intuit, The Bully Movie, amongst others. 20+ years of experience in starting & growing profitable social impact brands.