Cliff Majersik

Executive Director, Institute for Market Transformation

Cliff Majersik is the executive director of the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, that promotes energy efficiency in buildings. Under his leadership, IMT has expanded its work nationally and internationally, and become a recognized leader in the energy efficiency field. Working with leaders in the public and private sectors, Majersik oversees IMT’s principal activities in the areas of building performance policy, energy codes, energy efficiency finance, and green leasing. He also leads IMT’s outreach to multiple stakeholder groups, including financial services, utilities, and real estate. His work on mortgage finance policy led to the introduction of federal legislation in 2011, and he was instrumental in crafting Washington, DC’s Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 and its Green Building Act of 2006. A LEED Accredited Professional, Majersik continues to advise private-sector leaders and provide expert assistance to government officials in developing energy and building policy. You can follow Cliff on Twitter at @IMTCliff.