Co-hosts of 'Made Right Here'

Joe Gannon and Max Wastler

Joe Gannon
As co-host of Made Right Here, Joe Gannon is best known for his under-the-hood approach to learning how things are made. This approach was likely honed in high school while rebuilding his first car, a ’66 Ford Mustang, alongside his father – though neither man had formal mechanical training.

Gannon has a deep affection for the hardworking Americans that fuel our industries and seeks out quality goods that are proudly made here in the United States, offering viewers of Made Right Here a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes processes that help create and produce these items.

Raised by an English teacher and an environmental scientist, spending much of his youth disassembling and restoring household items back to working order, Gannon is endlessly trying to learn what makes things tick. He graduated with a degree in Biology and resides in rural Delaware alongside his high school sweetheart and two children.

Max Wastler
Max Wastler, the other half of Made Right Here, has spent his career documenting the unique stories of America’s hard-working people. With a background in clothing design and manufacturing and a degree in English, his work history has provided opportunities to tell a uniquely American story through the things he makes and the people he meets. Throughout the series, Wastler travels to companies and factories that make classically designed American products, interviewing craftspeople, and discovering that a love of people, not a love of product, makes a strong company. Within these stories, he showcases a genuine enthusiasm for products made close to home and the people who make them.

Wastler was born in a small rail town in Kansas and raised in a big city in Missouri where he developed a sincere appreciation for his surroundings – namely, for the admirable work ethic and earnest look at life of his fellow Midwesterners. After sewing several chambray shirts for a college play, Max came to appreciate all that goes into the production of handmade goods: dedication, time and patience.

Wastler resides and works in Chicago, Illinois, striving to tell a uniquely American story through the people he meets.