Collette Stohler

Travel Writer (at, Instagrammer (@roamaroo), On-Camera Host

Collette Stohler is a travel and fitness writer, producer, and co-creator of the travel blog, She is currently on an around the world trip with her husband. This pint-sized powerhouse has a passion for lifting big weights and always keeping her manicure intact. She qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials in Olympic Weightlifting, was an All-American in Track & Field, and currently competes in CrossFit for CrossFit South Bay. The Ivy-league educated Stohler studied at the prestigious Annenberg School of Communication at The University of Pennsylvania. She also received a Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of Miami. Collette has always been devoted to writing, traveling, and fitness and is grateful to have made a career out of her passions. She enjoys traveling around the world, lifting more weight than guys, and eating Paleo. She currently calls the world her home.