Connie Dieken

CEO Advisor, President of The Dieken Group, Bestselling Author of "Talk Less Say More" and "Become The Real Deal" and Emmy Award-Winner

Connie Dieken President, The Dieken Group CEO Advisor, Bestselling Business Author, and Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist Connie Dieken is a thought leader in the field of modern leadership presence and influence. She’s the founder and president of The Dieken Group, a senior executive coaching and consulting firm. Named a Top Global Guru of Senior Executive Coaching, Connie guides Fortune 500 CEOs on how to deepen their presence and influence with integrity Senior executives value her astute and pragmatic advice because it drives profitable growth, improves the performance of their organizations, and cements their positive leadership legacies. Connie discovered how to drill to the root cause of issues and pinpoint solutions during many years as a journalist. Prior to starting The Dieken Group, Connie spent 20 years as a broadcast journalist. She earned five Emmy Awards, two Telly Awards, and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame. Once she launched her business in 2000, she quickly earned trust and respect as an insightful businesswoman. Within years, The National Association of Women Business Owners selected Connie as one of its Top 10 Female Business Owners. consistently names her one of America’s Top 10 Business Speakers and she travels the globe delivering keynote addresses at major conferences and leadership forums on how to develop profound presence and influence, regardless of position or power. Connie’s insights are often featured in leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC,, and Investor’s Business Daily.