Harmel S. Rayat

Prolific investor, entrepreneur, business owner and author

Harmel S. Rayat is a prolific investor, entrepreneur and business owner based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of the new book, “Winning with Commercial Real Estate”, and President of Talia Jevan Properties, Inc., a privately held commercial real estate firm specializing in the acquisition and long-term ownership of Class-A commercial real estate assets throughout North America. When Mr. Rayat isn’t providing investment capital and strategic advice to incumbent management teams of established and start-up companies, he’s spending time with his family and helping people live better lives through his love of science, technology, real estate and investing. Mr. Rayat brings a unique world view to his work having been born in Uganda and relocating to India before moving with his family to the United Kingdom and then to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he worked as a broker in his early twenties and became interested in early stage companies. Since 2006, Mr. Rayat has grown his real estate portfolio to nearly $150 million, generating a 33% annual return on equity.