Corey Blake

Writing at the intersection of art, love, and business. CEO of Storytelling company, Round Table Companies (RTC).

Corey is the president and founder of Round Table Companies (RTC). In its ninth year, RTC supports people who want to change the world by helping them to write their signature book and build the necessary infrastructure to impact lives. RTC’s work has been featured across major newspapers, from the front page of the New York Times and the Boston Globe to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CNN and NPR.

Earlier in his career, Corey appeared as a co-star or guest-star on numerous TV shows and he starred in commercials for a dozen fortune 500 companies (including a superbowl spot). His infamous appearance as “the naked guy” in a commercial for Yard Fitness earned producers a Belding, Bronze Lion, London International Advertising Award, and an Adforum Creative Hit.

Corey has coauthored numerous books, including the From the Barrio series that has been read by more than 50,000 students, won numerous awards, and launched the civil career of humanitarian Robert Renteria. Blake’s signature book, "Leading with Love" is slated for a fall 2015 release.