Mister CoRey

A Mystical Musical Miracle-Melody Making MatheMagical Master of Mystery.

CoRey J. Ferrugia not only has proven himself as a reputable player and expert within the Media (Music/Film) and Entertainment industries as a prolific Recording Artist, Performer, Composer, Writer, and Executive Producer, but, additionally has worked in parallel to maintain his deep roots, convictions, and rich experience to earn respect from leaders within Education, Learning Science, and Social Entrepreneurship spaces just as well. Corey specializes in Guided Learning Methods, Arts Integration Solutions, and is an expert at facilitating ‘CoCreate and Produce’ project-based works in both individual and group learning settings. He was a keynote speaker for TEDx and is a published blogger for 'this very blog' you are reading this Mystical Musical Miracle Melody Making Methodical MatheMagical Mystery Message. Corey is a rare and dynamic talent who brings unparalleled value to any education or entertainment environment as a Creative Consultant, Artist Developer, Process Engineer, and a Master in Guided Learning Science "Actualized Intelligence" Technology.