Corey Schjoth

Photographer, writer

Fine art photographer, writer, classic horror film junkie and owner of Phantasmagoria Photography based in Wisconsin. When I received my first camera, a Kodak Insamatic for my tenth birthday the gift sparked passions that lead me on a lifelong obsession with photography. After many years of teaching myself photography I began working for my home town newspaper in northern Illinois at the age of seventeen. For twenty years I worked as a newspaper photographer and freelancer with various newspapers and wire services. Then in 2003 I moved to Wisconsin and I began to feel I wanted to make photographs that held a more personal and deeper meaning.

Inspired by my other interests travel, history, horror movies and ghost stories I wanted to photograph historic haunted places that evoked mystery and a macabre atmosphere. I’m passionate about traveling the world extensively in pursuit of preserving haunted and macabre legends. Using a digital infrared
camera I try to give the viewer a visual journey through many of the worlds most
haunted and mysterious landscapes and hopefully some sleepless nights.