Cosmin Steiner

Culture Influencer™

Cosmin Gheorghe, MD is a Culture Influencer™, speaker, consultant and author. He uses a unique set of tools and solutions designed for the 21st Century Leaders and Business Ecosystem, to address what Deloitte calls “the sweeping global forces that are reshaping the workforce, the workplace, and work itself”. Cosmin hosts HEART OF TECH, a series of podcasts about Technology, Culture, and Globalization. His guests include: VINT CERF, the co-creator of the Internet and Google Chief Evangelist; MONIQUE MORROW, CTO-Evangelist for CISCO; as well as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and influencers. Cosmin was featured in Forbes (Why Culture Matters?) where he talked about the importance of culture influencers. “I use my knowledge, skills and experience to mix the following ingredients: Technology, Behavior and the vast and complex science of optimizing Relationships. These are the ingredients that define something which we only now begin to kind of understand. Something that is critical to organizational efficiency, customer engagement, UX, brand-building, well-being and pretty much anything else. That "something"​ is called Culture. It is interesting that not many tech startups are teaming up with behavior-emotions-relationships specialists. Yet, the Quality of Relationships in the Cultures\Communities of the future will be crucial to our security, health, resilience, environment, governance, and prosperity."