Courtney Dukelow

Healer, psycho-spiritual guide, writer, lover of intimate living-- who guides people to live a passionate heart-centered and embodied life.

Courtney Dukelow’s life is passionately dedicated to restoring soulful and heart-centered ways of living sustainably and in reverence on our beautiful planet. She has traveled and studied extensively with many healers, mentors and guides throughout the world. Seven years ago, she discovered her second heart’s home in the high Andean mountains of Peru, where she was ‘adopted’ by an indigenous family in Q’ero tribe and began to recover her indigenous soul. Courtney offers individual healing sessions both in person at her private practice in Ashland, Oregon as well as over the phone and Skype. With over 17 years of experience as a healing arts practitioner, Courtney draws from wide range of healing modalities including body centered therapy, psychospiritual mentoring and energy healing to help restore a sense of true felt intimacy and magic within ourselves, within life and in our relationships. She works individually as well in groups with others to help resolve underlying emotional and energetic dynamics that can often underlie our bodies tension and chronic conditions. Many people seek out Courtney’s work to help with grieving past and current losses, support in life transitions and discovering deeper sense of passion and purpose for life. She holds each session, meeting and gathering in deep respect knowing that the true healer and the deepest source of guidance, inspiration, resources and support is alive within you. She works individually out of her private practice in Ashland, Oregon as well as on the phone and Skype. She is available for speaking engagements and group retreats throughout the United States. She is passionate about service work. Visit her website at