Craig Pace

Father to the most amazing daughter, investor in distressed companies, writer

Craig is a father to the most amazing six-year-old human in the universe, and an investor in and consultant to distressed companies. He is also a somewhat hyperbolic writer, divorcee, and gazillion time mistake-maker. Like most everyone, he wears a truckload of hats on life’s journey. But, for the first time, he is attempting to be mindful about the ride. It has taken a lot more work than he ever anticipated - two therapists (who has two therapists?), meditation, exercise, gratitude, journaling, a seminar or two (firewalking, really?), and innumerable self-help Podcasts. So far it has been so worth it. He holds degrees from Yale University, the University of South Carolina, and Winthrop University, none of which qualify him to write on relationships and divorce. He lives in Chicago. You can follow Craig’s blog at

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