Crazy Legs Conti

A seventeen year Major League Eater who eats the World and types words.

Crazy Legs Conti was born in Boston, played high school basketball for Belmont High School and then sat the bench for three sports at Johns Hopkins University, where is also majored in Writing Seminars and minored in Film Studies. He moved to New York City and worked in the independent film industry for The Shooting Gallery, working with directors like Billy Bob Thornton, Al Pacino, and Morgan Spurlock. He left film producing to focus on his creative endeavors in writing, TV, and film. He has written numerous screenplays, TV scripts, and blogs for The Huffington Post. In addition to writing, Crazy Legs is a top-ranked eater with Major League Eating. He holds world records in buffet food, French cut string beans, and corn on the cob. He has eaten his way out of an eight-foot box of popcorn, The Popcorn Sarcophagus, earning him the moniker the Houdini of Cuisini. He has eaten 459 oysters on David Letterman (Letterman ate three), quaffed hot sauce on Emeril, and consumed cannoli on “The Sopranos.” He is the subject of the popular documentary, “Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating,” (co-directed by Chris Kenneally and Danielle Franco). He has been to Guantanamo Bay to eat hot dogs with the sailor-soldiers and Alaska to conquer fifty pound cabbages and reindeer sausage. His Media Reel can be seen here: