Crystal Shae

Raw Vegan Chef, Women's Lifestyle Designer, Mom of 6

Crystal Shae is a diverse woman of many unique and life-shaping experiences. She possesses a radically loving spirit and an overwhelmingly radiant personality. Crystal is a life-learner who has committed her life and career to helping others unlock the innate power and potential that lives within them.

She is nurtured by an unwavering belief in the power of God and the human spirit. She has survived homelessness, miscarriages and divorce, all while refusing to be conquered or defeated.

After the end of a 10-year marriage, Crystal became a single mother with 3 children in 2005, where she transitioned from St. Louis, Mo to Atlanta Ga. This was a defining moment in her life, which would launch her journey to finding her life’s purpose, happiness and her true authentic self.

Crystal believes that it is impossible to guide others in their journey of healing, if we have not found our own journey first. She knows firsthand what it is to be crippled by fear, shame and depression. Hers is a story of overcoming the odds and conquering the silent voices and limiting beliefs that hold us back from being our truest and best selves.

Taking cues from her own life victories, and learning as a student of some of the most respected Coaches and Healers today, Crystal has developed a holistic approach to wellness that has aided her clients and students to find lasting and healthy states of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. She has distinguished herself as a strong voice of empowerment and motivation for parents, singles, couples, women and others from all walks of life.

Today, Crystal Shae lives in Atlanta, Georgia as a mother of 6 wonderful children, a Certified Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker, a Raw Vegan Chef and Educator and a lover of life who is absolutely addicted to helping people live better, fuller and happier lives.

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