Cultural Acupuncture

Cultural Acupuncture is a highly curated collection of the ideas advancing our futures, fueling people to create the best future possible.

For years we’ve been eagerly seeking out the people, ideas and communities that are changing our world — the groundbreakers piercing through what we believe we know, radiating entirely new energies and contributing to what we interpret as an enormous shift in how we work, play, live, eat, and create together. The cultural acupuncturists, if you will.

We continuously weave all this insight together to help folks see what’s ahead, but now, it’s time to seriously advance the work. We don’t want to keep talking about big change with a small pool of visionary leaders. We want to create the future with you. If we ALL develop a strong, systemic understanding of what’s happening — and a confidence around what this means for each of us — imagine what comes next?

We’re intentional about all of this, so here are some things we hope you’ll notice about this blog:

1. The magic is not in finding a cool idea (there are so many!). More important, we want to put these observations into context and explain why they matter and are worth paying attention to. You’ll see this both in each description we post and in the weekly summary we write.

2. Second, we believe the only way to truly cultivate an informed intuition, is to look at a new idea or nagging question from a range of angles. So, we’re picking a theme each week and inviting you to consider it a number of different ways.

3. And yes, though we often look way on out there, our POV is grounded by all the strategic work we do. This blog is an infinite extension of the report we shared in January, called THEBIGSHIFT, designed to help bridge the gap between today’s business operations and tomorrow’s demanding expectations.

We aim to make the new seem normal so that we can all stop wondering what is happening… and instead start building what the future is inviting forward.