Curt Stager

Professor of natural sciences at Paul Smith's College, author of "Your Atomic Self" and "Deep Future."

Curt Stager is a paleo-ecologist, educator, and science journalist whose research focuses on the climatic and environmental histories of Africa, Peru, and the Adirondack region. His research appears in major journals including Science and Quaternary Research, and he has written for periodicals such as National Geographic, NY Times, and Adirondack Life. He also co-hosts "Natural Selections," a weekly science program on North Country Public Radio. His latest book, “Your Atomic Self” (St. Martin's Press, 2014), explores our elemental ties to all life on Earth and the rest of the cosmos. Named New York's Carnegie-CASE Science Professor of the Year in 2013, Curt teaches natural sciences at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks, holds an adjunct research post with UMaine's Climate Change Institute, and plays a mean banjo. For more information, see