D. A. Wolf

Writer, marketer, mother.

I am a freelance writer, editor, and independent marketing consultant. I hold a BA from Wellesley College and an MBA from Wharton. Although my former corporate career kept me busy on both sides of the Atlantic, the work of which I'm most proud is raising my two sons, now young adults. I write on a variety of subjects, with articles that have appeared in ARTnews, France Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Good Men Project, and elsewhere. I have been a contributor here at Huff Post since 2010, and since 2009, I have been engaged in daily conversation as the founder of Daily Plate of Crazy, an online gathering spot for lively discussion on relationships, social issues, contemporary culture and more. Now that I'm middle-aged -- seriously? -- I am an advocate for living life fully at 50+ and for never giving up on quality, quality of life, and our ability to make a difference at any age. Beyond that, let's just say that I'm a stickler for accuracy, authenticity, vetting one's sources, and constant questioning of the status quo. And a little laughter, especially at ourselves, works wonders on a tough day. Want to know more? Pop by my professional site for details.