Kamlesh Patel

Affectionately known as Daaji, is the fourth spiritual guide in the Sahaj Marg system of meditation, facilitating Heartfulness Meditation worldwide.

Embracing the many roles of a modern-day spiritual teacher, you may find Kamlesh Patel meditating with a group of followers in the sublime stillness of a Himalayan ashram, or teaching thousands of people to meditate at a bustling international conference in Lyon, France, or Silicon Valley.

Being the fourth spiritual guide in the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga, he shares his knowledge of the practical aspects of meditation across a wide spectrum of society, including corporations, government offices, police academies, universities or with hundreds of students on a high school campus.

Many seekers come to meditate with him in his travels on small village roads in India to the great cities of the world – New York, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Minsk or Sydney and everything in between. He is comfortable with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

His own background made him well-suited to address this diverse mix of humanity. He spent his childhood in a small village in Gujarat, India, fondly reminiscing about sleeping on the roof under the stars as a child, naturally growing up in tune with the cycles of Nature. After school, he graduated with a degree in Pharmacy in Ahmedabad and did his postgraduate studies in the United States, where he went on to own and manage twelve pharmacies in New York. He spent much of his adult life living in the US, before deciding to give his time fully to the international organization he now leads.

During this time, his inclination towards spirituality was developing and led him to his first spiritual guide in 1976, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, known fondly to many as Babuji. From that time, his spiritual and worldly pursuits developed in an integrated way, and he continues to excel in both.

Kamlesh has that rare and beautiful blend of eastern heart and western mind. This allows him to dive deep into the inner centre of existence, while maintaining a scientific approach to original research in the field of meditation, spirituality and human evolution.

His focus is on the practical: he would much prefer to sit with new seekers, giving them the actual experience of meditation with Yogic Transmission than lecturing about it. He is happiest in silence, where the real heart to heart communication and spiritual work can happen, yet his talks reflect the inspiration from the Source – the superconscious wellspring of universal knowledge. He is a prolific speaker, giving on average of 20 to 30 talks on meditation and spirituality every month.

He is increasingly in demand as a guest speaker on TV, radio and at international conferences, being a yogi with a profound vision for the future of humanity.

As the guide for Heartfulness meditation worldwide, Kamlesh oversees meditation centres and ashrams in over 120 countries, and continues to guide the 6,000 certified trainers who are permitted to impart the evolutionary method of Yogic Transmission. In his travels he conducts meditation sessions for seekers young and old, and often spends special time with the youth, for whom he is an inspiring role model, reminding them that meditation techniques are simple, practical and very effective tools for designing our destiny and expanding our consciousness.

He is affectionately known to many of his associates as Daaji.

Heartfulness Institute Heartfulness Institute is a non-religious organization bringing Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation techniques to people of all ages worldwide. It is associated with the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga, which has been offering meditation with Yogic Transmission free of charge for over one hundred years.

Heartfulness Institute provides free ongoing relaxation and meditation classes and workshops in schools, universities, corporations, government offices and local communities around the world. Our certified trainers also teach remotely, so people who cannot attend in person may learn these practices in the comfort of their own home.

Heartfulness Programs Heartfulness is a scientific, practical introduction to the techniques of relaxation, meditation and Yogic Transmission. Seekers learn these techniques at their own pace in the introductory programs that are currently conducted by over 50,000 Heartfulness volunteers.

Heartfulness can be learned at home, in Heartfulness Centres, and through any organization requesting our training programs

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