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Our mission is simple: “to publish health information that empowers you to live life to the fullest.”

dailyRx News’s team of journalists, medical professionals and health ambassadors works around the clock to deliver the latest health news straight to your mobile app or social media page. We believe that groundbreaking health news should reach you in minutes, not days.

dailyRx News is the first video health news publisher of the social media age. Millions of people share videos and health news articles every day.

“The dailyRx News Network is a marriage between disruptive technologies and a new kind of newsroom,” says dNN’s Publisher Donald Hackett. “Our innovative publishing platform easily integrates video and text journalism to deliver meaningful health news.

“We believe dNN’s information rises above the confusion found on social media and the Internet. We are a digital media company, sticking to the fundamentals of journalism to make a difference each and every day.

“dailyRx uses advanced technology and journalistic expertise to find trusted research that pharmacists, doctors and video news aggregators can quickly access to influence today’s health conversations.”

We publish trusted health news patients can actually learn from. Yes, low health literacy is a problem for all of us. That’s why dailyRx News separates valid medical research from social media noise.

dailyRx’s team of journalists and medical editors are always on hand to identify, verify and contextualize breaking health news that patients are discussing. dailyRx enables health care providers to accurately source breaking news on the Web.