Dajon Smiles

Founder of Soulebration : Spiritual Teacher & SOULution Coach : Speaker : Author : Military Veteran

Dajon Ferrell is a SOULution Coach and speaker who focus on purpose-driven living. She started by working with veterans with a history of PTSD or military sexual trauma (MST). Soon after her teaching journey started, she started also working with entrepreneurs, after finding a common thread between both audiences, who were committed to service and driven to succeed. She facilitates workshops and helps provide guidance that challenges clients to shift from a place of complacency or indecisiveness to one of liberation and empowerment. As an active National Guard member for 13 years, Dajon has developed unique skills which allow her to navigate the regimented, mission-first mindset of the military to help her excavate and cultivate the wholeness and value that has always been a part of each of us. Learn more about how she can assist you in creating that safe space to restore that Light within you at