Daleela Farina

Care for Kenya

Starting her career as a journalist, Care for Kenya founder Daleela began her venture from Canada to New York five years ago. She built her network while writing for AOL Finance. Her articles focused on the power and collective innovations brought by: the World Economic Forum, World Business Forum and Web 2.0 to name a few.

During this time, Daleela also traveled as a volunteer to assist with development projects around the globe. Her humanitarian efforts extend to diverse relief projects with All Hands Disaster Response in Haiti, were she contributed to building transitional shelters for thousands of people effected by the earthquake, a missions trip that delivered food rations to impoverished communities in the slums of Kampala, Uganda and finally a life changing trip to Kenya.

When Daleela arrived in Kenyan in 2009, she was shocked by the living conditions of families living in the slums of Kibera. She was volunteering at an orphanage and children’s school in one of the poorest areas of Africa yet spent every day trying to understand the underlying issues of this intense poverty. She met with women who were forced to turn to prostitution in order to support their families due to a lack of schooling or job training. She witnessed children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, abandoned by their family and living in filth, literally, on the street. Living in a shanty home in the heart of the slum, Daleela watched their struggles firsthand and experienced the broken family structure and the weight placed on women’s shoulders to provide for their families.

Their determination to support their families, create group finance initiatives in order to survive and engage in micro businesses with little training or capital inspired her. Daleela reached out to her network to raise funds and start an organization that would assist in generating sustainable income for women in the local community.

In her past role at the NATO Regional Cooperation Course at the NATO Defense College in Rome, Italy, Daleela focuses on a variety of strategic security topics and modern economic solutions. She is passionate about increasing dialogue and joint understanding of NATO member countries, especially in terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 which focuses on the role of women in security and peace. Daleela studied business at Stonybrook University and international relations at the American University of Rome.

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