Daniel Garrie

Special Master, Forensic Neutral, and Arbitrator at JAMS; Executive Managing Partner at Law and Forensics LLC

Daniel Garrie is the Senior Partner & Co-Founder for Law & Forensics, a consulting firm that specializes in e-discovery, software, computer forensics, and cybersecurity. Garrie leads a team that works with clients across industries on software, cybersecurity, e-discovery, and digital forensic issues all over the globe. He is also a Partner at Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP, where he heads their global cybersecurity practice. As a Neutral with JAMS, Garrie serves as an E-Discovery Special Master, Forensic Neutral, and Arbitrator with a focus on complex software and business litigation, privacy and data breach matters, trade secret theft, copyright and patent litigation disputes. He is a nationally recognized educator and lecturer on various topics including computer software, cybersecurity, e-discovery, forensics, emerging Internet and mobile technologies, and cyberwarfare. He is the editor in chief of the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare, a fellow at the Ponemon Information Privacy Institute, and on the Board of Advisors of several cybersecurity and technology start-ups. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law and Rutgers School of Law. Daniel Garrie is renowned as a Neutral for his ability to resolve e-discovery and related electronic matters involving companies and governmental entities. He is also frequently considered and appointed as Special Master by order of the court. Garrie's legal and computer science education and experience provide a unique perspective and an unsurpassed level of understanding needed to resolve legal/technology disputes.