Daniel Isenberg

Professor of Management Practice at Babson Global

Daniel Isenberg is Professor of Management Practice at Babson Global, a subsidiary of Babson College, where he established the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP) to help societies around the world create the policies, structures, programs and climate that foster entrepreneurship. In June 2010, Harvard Business Review
published his "How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution,” as the “Big Idea” feature article.

Dan taught for 11 years at the Harvard Business School and has been a visiting professor at Columbia, Insead, Reykjavik, Theseus, and the Technion. He has published more than 30 case studies on international entrepreneurs, and three additional seminal HBR articles: “The Global Entrepreneur,” (2008), "How Senior Managers Think," (1984) and "The Tactics of Strategic Opportunism." (1987).

Between 1987-2004, Dan lived in Israel where he was an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and introduced innovative entrepreneurship development practices. Dan speaks and consults frequently on global entrepreneurship and has been quoted in Fortune, The Economist, Forbes, Boston Globe, Success, Yomiuri Shimbun, il Mondi, HaAretz, Nikkei, Business Week, and USA Today.

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