Daniel P. Malito

Author, Columnist, Raconteur

Daniel Malito is a graduate of Friends Academy on long island and afterwards, he attended Columbia University in New York City. Affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of nine, he has lived with the burden of physical handicap for many years. While his disability has prevented him from becoming a professional athlete, it was also the genesis of his love of writing. Writing therapeutically at first, he found that he had a passion for the written word. Owning and operating several web sites where he he had to author daily updates, articles, and reviews, Daniel used the time to hone his craft. For over a decade, Daniel has written books, authored an award winning blog, and contributed to the cause of arthritis and other philanthropic pursuits. Now, he is spreading his wings, as it were, and branching out to other topics here on The Huffington Post and other organizations. Daniel himself describes his own style as "common sense writing," and many times he uses humor to drive his point home. Pulling out the crux of any argument and turning it on it's head, he often aims to educate as well as inflame the passions of his readers. With much more to come and no end in sight, Daniel P. Malito is always innovating and trying his hand at new things. You never know just where he will pop up!