Margaret Sullivan

writer, artist, international consultant

Margaret Sullivan has been writing and making art for most of her eighty-two years. Born in China, she has lived and worked in Asia and Africa as well as the United States. Her commentaries on contemporary American life: A Grandmother on…, began appearing in the Huffington Post in 2013. Her award winning book, “Can Survive, La” Cottages Industries in High-rise Singapore (1985; 1992), profiles individual families in traditional small, making-things businesses in technological Singapore. She also co-edited Change and the Muslim World (1981) and has written the critically acclaimed children’s book, The Philippines: Crossroads of the Pacific (1998) as well as numerous articles in the Foreign Service Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review, Singapore Straits Times, The International Herald Tribune and the Washington Post among others. In the mid-70s, she edited the Association of American Foreign Service Women’s Newsletter change in the roles of women more broadly, and then Clubwoman Magazine, the publication of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Her paintings and photographs have been exhibited in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Washington DC.