Daphne Mallory

Aspiring Television Producer/Foundation Founder -

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is best known for sharing smart ideas to solve problems. Whether on television, on stage, in the boardroom, or before governments, her speeches and seminars are interactive and rich in content.

Billboard Magazine described Daphne as "Engaging Fans, forging a new path." She appeared on ABC, FOX, NBC and The Dr. Oz Show, and in Entrepreneur Magazine, Essence, Brown Alumni Magazine, Self, Black Enterprise and more. She hosts a radio show: Family Business with Daphne on KDKI 103.9FM.

Daphne's training programs include Developing Emotional Intelligence, Grow Community/ Grow Profits, Grow Community/Grow Memberships, Roadmap to Family Business, and Sales Training for Change Agents.