Dar Williams


Dar Williams is one of the most respected singer-songwriters of her generation, and continues to engage her loyal fans and growing audience throughout the country. Performing Songwriter recently called her “A leader in the folk-pop movement,” and praised her “intimate and profound writing style.” Dar's personal and artistic growth has happened concurrently. After attending Wesleyan University, Dar spent 10 years performing at coffee houses in the artistic town of Northampton, Massachusetts before self-releasing her first album, The Honesty Room. She now spends her off time with husband Michael, and their two children, Stephen and Taya.

Dar’s latest album In The Time Of Gods was released in April 2012 (Razor & Tie) and focused on the complex and mysterious world of mythology aligned with several other issues that Williams was grappling with. The Wall Street Journal said, "Singer-songwriter Dar Williams is considered one of rock's reigning onstage wits. She is also known for her lyrical, evocative songwriting and singing.
Ms. Williams has been a leading figure in the folk-rock world for nearly 20 years."

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